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As a conventional PPC affiliate marketer, I tend to expand my horizons for the search of knowledge, instruments, and techniques that I would need to keep me at a competitive advantage over my competitors. Presently, I learned about a software program called SpeedPPC. This software program and system claim to replace Pay per click affiliate marketing.  I hear the same claims on a regular basis but decided to check it out.

In other words, I’m a skeptic. Having been in this business for over 5 years, I have made my own ‘hype detector’. I have also learned that there are no “magic bullets”. Successful affiliate marketing needs comprehending and smart application of productive techniques learn how to do video marketing.

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The majority of SpeedPPC customers utilize our software to maintain campaigns aimed at Google’s Adwords or Bing Ads PPC which also consists of Yahoo networks. As we all know, Google is the elephant in the room with approximately 66.7% of the search market, followed by Bing Ads which has about 17.4% of the market and Yahoo which has about 12% of the remainder.

These numbers do change month over month, but normally the mixed search market share of these three companies is about 90%. So why would any PPC marketer need to go anywhere else? There are various reasons but they may want more traffic. SpeedPPC is clearly NOT a ‘beginners’ instrument. SpeedPPC is furthermore, an extraordinary powerful affiliate marketing instrument in the right hands. At first, when I saw the sales material, it never moved me. The site has a smoothly produced video, which often turns me off. Very often, ‘slickness’ is a means of the filming of an average quality product.

It really took me through the whole site to ‘obtain’ what the program really did and what it was intended for. At first look, it seemed to be a program for ‘automating’ the art of hitting out a zillion PPC campaigns. I would bet that the majority of the people who watched the video and looked through the entire site concluded with the same impression. That misses the whole point, and I think the company would be better served by making the purpose of the program, crystal clear.

The clearer the message, the better it would be for all and sundry. One thing that did catch my attention was what the ‘disclaimers’ spread throughout the site, but the real truth is that SpeedPPC is for those just starting out with PPC. Utilizing the program and taking advantage of its abilities needs the basic understanding of the elements of Adwords: adgroups, quality score and “destination URL”.

A theoretical event will show the predicament faced by every PPC marketer and how the software like SpeedPPC might confront the problem: I sign up as an affiliate for ReadAudiobooks.com and concluded to create an ad to publicize one of their audiobooks. I generate a single ad with the book name I want to publicize in the ad title. For that ad, I offer to put only one keyword, that same book title. The destination URL of that ad goes to a special landing page that has the book title in the Meta tags for the page title, description, and keyword. The text of landing page starts with the book title and refers to it all through.

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The outcome is a “dream campaign”, an ad movement with the highest possible quality score, the lowest possible Cost per Click (CPC) and the highest sale transformation possible.

The issue is, it took me quite a long time, far too long to even contemplate in ascending or doing it on any type of larger profitable basis. While this level of the unyielding link between adgroup, ad, keyword, and landing page permits the marketer to make the most tensed ad and collect Google’s lowest CPC, customizing an ad campaign at that level is a waste of time and it is inappropriate on any productive scale.

Now I change to SpeedPPC: I generate two ad templates, one with the book title in the headline and the author in the ad body, and one the opposite, with the author’s name in the headline, and the book title in the body. Next, I get a ReadAudioBook.com’s data feed. I conclude I am going to publicize 1,000 audiobooks, the 200 top best sellers from each of the past 5 years.

In about 20 minutes, SpeedPPC has made 2,000 individual groups, 1,000 adgroups comprising of the ad for title/author, and 1,000 for author/title. Each adgroup consist of one keyword, the bestseller title for that ad. The ad itself has the title in the display URL and a distinctive destination URL. The destination URL bears a powerful made custom landing page with that ad’s bestseller title fixed in the Meta tags and text of the page, which then deep-links to the particular product page within ReadAudioBooks.com.

Now you begin to see the customization that a program like SpeedPPC can give you. When that level of campaign customization becomes possible, you genuinely begin contemplating where else you can try it. Among the things that came to my mind almost immediately are: Matching US city names with a dating offer “San Diego Dating” Matching printer make and model numbers with a printer supply offer” HP 100C Toner sale”; Matching the 1,000, most famous bands with a music subscription offer” Britney Spears New CD”. These possibilities are endless and they can keep going on and on till non-stop.

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